We specialize in repairing and/or replacing wood siding, fascia, decks, fences, gates and more for commercial or residential projects. We offer free estimates with visual inspection (sometimes other problems arise once we begin removing wood). We will repair or replace items based on what is most cost effective and can even repair damage from termite infestation or dry rot.

We have wood repair-specific crews, and each of our painting crews also includes at least one wood specialist who can deal with repairs as they arise during the painting process. There are numerous painting companies, but not many that are also able to provide quality wood repairs; by offering multiple trades we can optimize job flow and coordination, and deliver beautiful end results.

We value quality at every turn. To patch and fill, we use superior non-shrinking material and prime on all six sides. We use durable galvanized nails and fasteners that are weatherproof, rust resistant and offer greater resistance to corrosion.

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  • “These guys are absolute pros! I used them for the exterior of my residence in 2014 and was so pleased with the quality of their work and professionalism that I used them again for my rental property in 2016 (both interior and exterior). They also did a great job fixing the broken post on the side gate of the rental. Brett and Shaun Davis oversaw the project and were helped by Anthony and Scott. All four were professional, detail-oriented, and showcased exemplary customer service. Jon McCormick and Sharon fielded my calls and were very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Advanced Painting for your home painting needs.”
    Andy R.
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