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What We Do

Advanced Painting and Wood Repair specializes in exterior/interior painting, wood repair and deck systems serving Southern California homeowner associations, apartment and commercial property owners & managers. Our quality and professionalism have made us an industry leader for more than 43 years.

Advanced Painting and Wood Repair has a B-1 general contracting license, C-33 painting license, general liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. We adhere to the requirements of the SB-198 Workplace Safety program and are compliant with Cal OSHA regulations. We conduct weekly safety meetings, and our crews are in-house with experienced English speaking supervisors.

Our Heritage

Many of ADVANCED’s supervisors and crew members have been with the company for 20 – 30 years now, bringing with them an immense body of experience and expertise. Along with our 43-year history, comes long-standing relationships with our paint and lumber suppliers as well, affording us great value on top quality products and the most current product information.

It is our hope that ADVANCED Painting & Wood Repair can offer you the advantages of reputation, reliability, quality & value.

Our Services

Exterior & Interior Painting

Exterior & Interior Painting

Exterior & Interior Painting


We use only the highest quality products available combined with progressive training and state-of-the-art equipment. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by working closely with professionals for color coordination and to meet specifications.

Wood Repair & Replacement

Exterior & Interior Painting

Exterior & Interior Painting


We specialize in repairing and/or replacing wood siding, fascia, decks, fences, gates and more for commercial or residential projects. We offer free estimates with visual inspection. We will repair or replace items based on what is most cost effective and can even repair damage from termite infestation or dry rot.

Deck Systems

Exterior & Interior Painting

Deck Systems


We specialize in deck system installations and repairs including concrete based and polyurethane based systems. We also provide general waterproofing services including expansion joint replacement and window/storefront caulking services.

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