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Advanced Painting and Wood Repair specializes in exterior painting, wood repair and deck systems serving Southern California homeowner associations, apartment and commercial property owners & managers. Our quality and professionalism have made us an industry leader for more than 43 years.

ADVANCED Painting & Wood Repair was founded in the mid 1970’s by Allen Moser, who came to California with big dreams and a paintbrush in hand. New construction abounded, and Allen and his first crew painted numerous tracts of homes and gained an immense amount of both experience and contacts in those early years.

In 1980, ADVANCED Painting & Wood Repair acquired its first Homeowner’s Association client through U.S. Affiliated Properties. This was the beginning of what is now an over thirty-year history of serving residential community associations. One of the earliest members of Community Associations Institute (CAI), ADVANCED has played an active role with both CAI and CACM and is widely regarded as a paint industry leader.

In the early 90’s, Gerry Soneff joined forces with Allen Moser, bringing his expertise in wood and wrought iron repair in addition to painting. Together, Allen and Gerry continued to solidify ADVANCED’s reputation as a frontrunner in the industry, adding more crews, and offering more diverse services in broader trades. Over the years, the many and varied projects completed have included countless single family homes, homeowner associations, apartment units, commercial buildings & business complexes, as well as retail centers spanning the greater Southern California region and beyond.

Many of ADVANCED’s supervisors and crew members have been with the company for 20 – 30 years now, bringing with them an immense body of experience and expertise. Along with our 40-year history, comes long-standing relationships with our paint and lumber suppliers as well, affording us great value on top quality products and the most current product information.

It is our hope that ADVANCED Painting & Wood Repair can offer you the advantages of reputation, reliability, quality & value.

Our Team


Gerry Soneff

Sharon Soneff

Sharon Soneff

President & CEO


Sharon Soneff

Sharon Soneff

Sharon Soneff

Vice President


Jake Williams

Sharon Soneff

Danielle Heath

Estimator / Production Manager


Danielle Heath

Rafael Hernandez

Danielle Heath

Office Manager


Rafael Hernandez

Rafael Hernandez

Rafael Hernandez

Director of Field Operations

Gerry Soneff, President

Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurial craftsmen, Gerry grew up under the tutelage of a hardworking, business-owning grandfather who passed on to him the mastery of many trades. After getting his contractor’s license in the 1980s, Gerry first pursued residential remodels and commercial tenant improvements as well as building custom and spec homes.

His first-hand experience and wide-reaching command of the trades sets Gerry apart from many of his peers. In the 1990s, he met Advanced Painting Founder Allen Moser. They forged a working relationship that still endures today. Gerry undertook the execution of all of Advanced Painting’s wood repair contracts, eventually supervising the company’s wood and paint projects. Combining their unique strengths enabled Gerry and Allen to grow the company’s foothold and reputation in the marketplace. In 2015, Gerry was elected CEO and President of Advanced Painting & Wood Repair, bringing to the company a fresh energy and a renewed commitment to quality, honesty and reliability.

Sharon Soneff, Vice President

With a background in brand development, design, and sales, Sharon Soneff brings a diversity of strengths to Advanced Painting & Wood Repair. As the owner of her own successful art licensing company, Sonnets Studios, Sharon has a strong business sense and passion for serving others with excellence and integrity. Her ties to the paint industry date back more than 30 years to the mid-1980s when she worked as a space planner and design assistant to an interior designer from the American Association of Interior Designers. In addition to selecting textiles and furnishings for their clients, paint specifications were nearly always a part of their largely commercial projects.

Her relationship with paint was forever sealed when she met and fell for a painter/contractor who performed projects for the design firm and its clients. Some years later, after Gerry and Sharon were married, Sharon worked for the Dunn-Edwards Paint Corporation where she worked in sales and gained notice as a talented color consultant. In 1991, she helped pilot the then innovative management services department for Dunn-Edwards, servicing property managers, community managers and their residents with specifications, color consultations and management support. Today Sharon can be found embracing many roles at Advanced, bringing her thoughtful insight and people-centered mentality to all of those roles.

Jake Williams, Estimator

Jake is primarily responsible for all of the estimating and scope of work preparation for Advanced Painting & Wood Repair. He has a strong background in construction having previously worked for a general contracting company in Colorado. Jake joined the team in 2017 and has continued to increase Advanced's foothold in the marketplace.

In addition to handling the estimating for Advanced, Jake is also involved with helping to manage projects through their completion. Jake has consistently demonstrated a high level of integrity and excellence in his work. He has earned a great deal of trust with his clients and that has translated into strong partnerships and successful projects.

Danielle Heath, Office Manager

Danielle joined the Advanced team in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant. She has grown in her role at Advanced taking over as the Office Manager in 2018. Danielle is extremely resourceful and has a get it done mentality. She helps to manage all HR, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Scheduling and Customer Service.

Danielle came to Advanced after a successful career in customer service and she has excelled in her management of client interactions as well as management of Advanced personnel. Danielle has brought a high level of professionalism and dedication to the Advanced team. We are proud to have her with us.

Rafael Hernandez, Director of Field Operations

Rafael has been with Advanced Painting & Wood Repair for more than 27 years. Rafael has risen through the ranks at Advanced from a worker, to a foreman, to a multi project supervisor, to now leading all project supervisors for Advanced.

Rafael treats every project with the highest level of care possible and he trains those he supervises to have that same perspective. Rafael is skilled in all aspects of the company's areas of expertise and has successfully developed the company's field personnel into the best our industry has. Rafael is a servant leader who is not afraid to step in and help his team get the job done.

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